The BI Guide: The Best Places to study at Campus Nydalen.

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Exams are coming up, and from here on out, you will gradually start to see more and more worked up students at BI. How well have you prepared for this? We don’t know and maybe you don’t either, but we do know that you are most likely concerned, so we decided to help you a little along the way.

Both the desperate and confident students become anxious and maybe even nervous when preparing for the exams, and for some of us, the stress is unbearable. We are all desperate to find the magical solution that will carry us through the exam period, with the least amount of effort, and the best ending grades. Ten people prepare for the exams in ten different ways, but we believe the most important thing is to feel comfort as much as you can, and choosing the right place to study might just be a part of the solution. So, let us talk about some of the places to study at BI, to help you get those grades you aim for.

Group work,
is in many cases needed when you prepare for exams. Some exams even require you to take in groups, however most of us know that group work can be hard to overcome successfully. Not because of bad teamwork necessarily, but because you tend to spend more time talking about unrelated things rather than important stuff. As most of us already know; group rooms are available to book online and located in the B-block library and A/B-block underground floor, but maybe your group will focus better if there is a moderate number of people around instead of being isolated? The Bachelor’s and Master’s area on the second floor have comfortable and open seats. Try taking your shoes off and kick back on the couches. This is surprisingly refreshing after a brain twister dealing with groups.

Try taking your shoes off and kick back on the couches. This is surprisingly refreshing after a brain twister dealing with groups.

If you prefer to study on your own, uncrowded areas are better for your performance.
Anywhere at BI where there are chairs and tables, you can simply sit down and study alone. However, especially during exam periods, individual study cubicles are also placed all over the underground floor and other spots. If you are lucky you can grab a single table all to yourself. Although there are also many individual sittings where the distance between seats are more open and less clustered, and personally I find these seats much more comfortable. The tables set in the B-block library, and the seats set in the D-1 silent room are examples. If you are a workaholic like me, you will be familiar with the D-1 silent room, as this place is excellent for maximum concentration for the night. Although I do not recommend to use the coffee machine in that area. In multiple occasions it has poured my coffee down the drain, without the cup.

If you wish for a good open view, there are multiple ‘balcony like’ spots around BI, where you can enjoy the open structure view of the BI center. These are great places to study both for group and individual work, and we tend to miss them. Speaking of spots that are easy to miss, did you know that there are group study cubicles that are not bookable on the portal? Group rooms in D-3, and one specific room in underground A-block are not available on the portal to book. If you are interested in these rooms, I recommend to check them out.

As everyone’s exams come close, the more crowded the campus becomes. It is hard to find comfortable space sometimes, but as long as you can get there early enough, all of the areas I have pointed out to are places where you and/or your group can have a comfortable space to breath, even after people start to flood into the building. Again, studying in comfort is one of the very important aspects we tend to forget when it comes to studying and preparing for exams. Try to discover numerous methods to create comfort in your studying environment, in addition to location.

Good luck to you all.


Sean Cooper


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