The BI Guide: The best place for a cup of coffee.

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Many students enjoy a nice cup of coffee to help them during trying times in their academic life. Some people drink it to stay awake, and some people drink it to stay focused, whilst others simply enjoy the bitter and deep flavour of coffee.  

If you happen to be a moderate coffee addict like I am, you might be interested in the details of coffee within the BI campus. Let us check out the best and the worst choices to fulfil your coffee needs at BI.

Amigos, first floor.

There are five ways to get coffee inside the campus of BI; The first option, which is also my best recommendation, is the coffee sold at Amigos located at the first floor. The black coffee you can buy at this place has a very rich scent and flavour of coffee beans, and it is my absolute favourite in campus.  Of course you will have the option to pour a cup of Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso or Chocolate milk with the same machine.  If you ask for a stamp card, you can collect stamps every time you buy a hot beverage from Amigos. Making every 5th drink free. Although the coffee available at Amigos may be a bit pricey when compared with other cheaper choices, 19kr for a small cup and 27kr for a large cup, I believe it is worth that extra amount.

Chaqwa, first floor.

The second and third options are, Chaqwa, located at the first floor, and the Living kitchen, located at the underground floor. At Chaqwa, you have the option to buy a refillable coffee bottle with a printed BI logo which costs 59kr. Refilled coffee in this bottle can be purchased for a very cheap price of 10kr, which is an excellent deal given the amount you can refill into the bottle. If you are a heavy drinker of coffee, this may be your best option. The coffee served at Chaqwa is separated into blends of “medium roast” and “BI blend.” These are also very good options to get some flavourful and bitter coffee that goes well with some chocolate. They also provide some unique condiments for your coffee that is not served elsewhere in campus if you are interested. The coffee sold at the Living kitchen is provided by Chaqwa, priced at 10kr for a small cup. But be aware that the taste is not at all satisfying compared to the coffee available at the actual Chaqwa store.  

Variety of options at Chaqwa.
Living Kitchen, underground floor.

Another alternative
is to use the coffee vending machines located all over campus (also provided by Chaqwa). Which will likely be the only option for you if you manage to stay
after closing hours. Cheap 10kr coffee close by surely sounds nice, but it will not take long
until this machine disappoints you. Not only is the taste of the coffee from the machine very poor, the coffee will likely be served with coffee grain floating in your cup. If that is not bad enough, the machine seems to serve its coffee regardless of whether there are cups left in the machine.  Resulting in your drink being poured down the drain without giving you a chance to even try the bad flavour. I kid you not; this has happened to me three times.

Vending machines from Chaqwa.

And of course, if you are a fan of one of the most known coffee chains in the world, Starbucks is located to the right side of the main entrance.  I am personally not a fan of their black coffee since it is way over priced for its quality and lack of flavour. But if you are here looking for the extreme variety in sweet beverages we all know from Starbucks, this is obviously your go to.

Starbucks, first floor.

We have a wide variety of options for coffee inside the BI campus.  If you are looking for the best taste and flavour, Amigos and Chaqua is your best choice. Those who care to get the most amount of coffee for the lowest cost, the BI coffee bottle available at Chaqwa will be your option.  The Living kitchen will most likely never be your priority to get coffee from because of its poor taste. If you have a sweet tooth, and willing to pay big for your drinks, you know the way straight to Starbucks. As for the coffee vending machine, you are honestly better off not knowing it even exists. 


Sean Cooper


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