Plant-Based-Diets: A Healthy Resurgence

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Vegetarianism is not a new philosophy. The lifestyle of abstaining from the consumption of meat has made its ripples along history. Vegetarianism has been a core principle in prevalent religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and can be traced back to the times of ancient India (ca. 1100 BC).

But regardless of these vastly adopted religions and the outstanding morality of its philosophy, vegetarianism has failed to have a significant affect on the wider global population.

This has been true until now. As currently, there are signs of major waves being made in the adaption of vegetarianism and even its more extreme form, veganism.

What makes this revived enthusiasm different from the tempered ripples from the past?

The biggest differences are in the motives. Previously, the one and only goal for conversion was morality, be it in the form of religion or individual principles. However, due to our technological advancements, there is now a stream of new information and scientific findings that paints the animal-based-diet red.

Motivator factors for vegetarianism, that fuel this new enthusiasm, fall under 3 areas: Sustainability, Animal Rights and Health.

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Climate change is a well-known term these days, because it is affecting everyone, and we are starting to see signs of change. More and more activists are joining the movement to save the planet and they are doing it in different ways.

One of the ways is to redirect the food industry by converting to vegetarianism or veganism. This is because the live-stock farms are one of the biggest polluters in the world, being responsible for as much as 15% of global manmade greenhouse gas emissions.

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Animal Rights

Further, as technology has improved, so has access to information. The modern individual has more information under his/ her fingertip than any encyclopedia from 50 years ago.

Information is no longer hearsay, it is usually backed by visual evidence, be it a video or a photo. Likewise, animal cruelty and injustice are no longer a rumor, the evidence is right in front of your eyes. No one knows this better than Norwegians, as the whole country was shocked by the documentary released on animal cruelty in a pig farm earlier this year.

As humans, compassion is in our nature, and it is no wonder that exposure to this kind of cruelty could convert a person to veganism.


Finally, a new light into long-established scientific evidence shows not only the numerous benefits of a plant-based-diets, but, also the frightening drawbacks of an animal-based one.

The top causes of global deaths are not wars, but heart disease, cancer, and other health issues. The science points to animal-based-diets as one of the main culprits.

Some would say, that people’s lives are better than ever before. It is hard to argue this point, as we are living in the best comforts anyone has experienced before. However, as is the norm, proved by history, there will always be a little bit of bad attached to the good. A little bit Ying in the Yang. So, along with these new comforts, people are facing new problems, health problems to be specific.

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The top causes of global deaths are not wars, but heart disease, cancer, and other health issues. The science points to animal-based-diets as one of the main culprits.

The consumption of animal-based-foods, be it meats, dairy or eggs, has been found to contribute to inflammatory reactions and oxidative stress within your body. These reactions cause repeated damage to your cells, which in turn may cause severe health issues.

One impactful tool to fight cell damage are antioxidants, which are predominately found in plant-based-foods.

So, from what is being found, vegetarianism is not enough. We must up the ante and commit to a vegan diet if we want to optimize our health.

This may all seem a bit extreme, so it is important to disclose that the major health issues are caused by a pure and consistent animal-based-diet. So, unless you are not worried about being at the peak of your health, eating meat in moderation should allow a relatively worry-free life.

If you are looking for more information on plant-based-diets, the Game Changers Movie website has a whole treasury on the matter.

Right now, it is hard to say how far this conversion trend will go. But what is sure is that there will be major changes to the food industry and the momentum behind the trend is not dying out anytime soon.

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