Nydalen’s best Christmas cookies

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December plus exams, equals a need for Christmas cookies. We at Inside, therefore, decided to taste some of the Christmas cookies sold at cafes close to BI Nydalen. Keep on reading to find out which cookie received the gold medal, and which cookie you are better off without buying.


Godt Brød – Pepperkaker

Price: 69 kr
We obviously had to include gingerbread in our test. Godt Brød is located next to Nydalen T on the entrance floor. The cookie received mixed reviews from Inside’s jury.

Looks: 2
Some of the comments on the looks where that they look plain and dull. Someone said that they do not look too appetizing, while someone argued that they do not have that characteristic gingerbread look.

Taste: 4
The comments on the taste were: crispy, sweet, spicy, strong cloves flavor, tastes like burnt sugar.

Overall score: 4
Despite some negative comments, Godt Brød’s gingerbreads still got an average score of 4.


Godt Brød – Sirupssnipper

Price: 69 kr
Godt Brød also sells a Norwegian Christmas cookie called sirupssnippar, which in English translates to “syrup cuts”. They have half an almond in the middle, so stay away if you are allergic!

Looks: 4
Someone said that it looks like they tried too hard, while others found them appealing to the eye.

Taste: 1
Here, there were not a lot of positive comments. Some examples from the jury are: dry, should be softer, taste chemical and plastic, and; “Mom’s tastes better”. The jury also started to wonder if they had been in the box for too long, and someone said that they taste old.

Overall score: 2
Godt Brød’s sirupssnippar only scored a 2 on these cookies, the quote “wouldn’t buy them again” sums it up. Maybe they should just stick to baking gingerbreads.


Baker Hansen – Kokosmakroner

Price: 75 kr
Baker Hansen is located on the underground floor next to Vinmonopolet. The jury had great expectations when trying these cookies, and yet Baker Hansen’s kokosmakroner (coconut macaroon) managed to handle the pressure. Well done!

Looks: 5
The kokosmakroner scored a full 5 out of 5 on looks. Some comments were: look just like they are supposed too look, look homemade. One jury member thought they looked a little bit burnt, but he did not receive any support on that opinion from the other members. Someone thought they were too big.

Taste: 4
Some of the comments on the taste were: perfect consistency, crispy outside and soft inside, good coconut flavor, too sweet nice aftertaste, taste like grandma’s homemade kokosmakroner.

Overall score: 5
The overall score was 5; you will not get disappointed if you buy these!


Baker Hansen – Pepperkakefigur

Price: 40 kr
Baker Hansen tries to challenge Godt Brød on the gingerbread market. Unfortunately, they undoubtedly lost that battle.

Looks: 5
The jury liked the looks of this gingerbread man, some of the comments were: cute and nice details. What needs to be mentioned though, is that some of the other gingerbreads at the bakery did not look as pretty. Some had lost a button and some an eye.

Taste: 2
The gingerbread received comments like: too dry, too thick, has been laying in the shop for too long, very hard, hint of homemade but far from good. The cookie was decorated with chocolate, which the jury found a bit weird. Frosting would have been a better choice.

Overall score: 2
The score for Baker Hansen’s gingerbread is about as happy as the gingerbread man looks. The jury also found the cookie way too expensive.

To sum it up, both Godt Brød and Baker Hansen managed to deliver some good Christmas cookies and some bad ones. However, the clear winner in Inside’s test was Baker Hansen’s kokosmakroner, try them out and see if you agree!


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