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Inside will now start a new project. This new initiative is dedicated to BI start-ups and to give them an opportunity to tell about themselves and their ideas, and inspire our readers of course.

Photo: Aleksander Storsveen
Photo: Aleksander Storsveen

This week Inside interviewed one of the two founders of Sommerfuglen Media. The startup was founded last August and is the result of the collaboration of two very promising entrepreneurs: Odin Teigland and Anna Knudsen.

For Odin, Sommerfuglen media is his second start-up as he is also founder of Kickfix. Anna has founded byAllthings and she is also project manager of another start-up called Alternativ Utleie.

The idea
Sommerfuglen Media is a young company which has been granted one of the start-up offices at the ground floor here at BI. The company provides digital marketing service. Nowadays much of the merchandise and services are traded online. The aesthetic of a web page is crucial for growth and success of a company. The use of webpage is to attract far away customers and beat the other competitors by delivering a great image. Let us say that Sommerfuglen Media has chosen a very profitable and growing market. The two young minds’ idea is to develop digital marketing plans for experienced start-ups. They guarantee you an increase of followers and views on the various social media employed as source of publicization in a time range usually of three to four months.

Customer target
Sommerfuglen Media’s competitive advantage, according to themselves, “is to deliver excellent quality service at very low prices”. The two entrepreneurs’ first idea was to target very young start-ups. As they encountered some difficulties on the way, they have now slightly deviated for that customer target by increasing the companies’ experience from -newly established- to -at least half a year of experience-. As Odin said: “most of the digital marketing agencies out there are very expensive and aim for the big companies. We thought of being more profitable with start-ups”.

Sommerfuglen Media did not burn much of the budget: “the only expense was the equipment utilized for photos and videos”. The company also runs marketing-free policy. The two founders have not spent a penny in marketing their own idea, except for having an amazingly designed webpage. Very cheap but it works; until now they have only experienced customers knocking at their door asking for their service.

How it all came true
Odin follows the line Entreprenørskap at BI, and so does Anna. Odin has found much inspiration throughout his studies; “particularly stimulating was the course “Oppstart av bedrift” lectured by the charismatic and engaging professor Tor Haugnes, who has also been their only mentor. “Throughout the course we were given a case in which I had to develop a website and I managed the marketing department of the task pretty well”, Odin tells, “that moment was for me the starting point of where I am now”. Odin managed to bring a school case into practise in real life. The idea of collaborating with Anna came along while both were occupying a position on the board of their line: “we figured that the two of us could work very well together”. Odin continues saying that it is then very important to be socially active and find network opportunities anywhere.

Future projects
Currently, Odin and Anna have enough customers to work with. They will wait until the summer when they will have more time to try to expand a little: “we would like to increase number of customers and try to work on bigger projects”. On that note, Odin adds: “if the projects will be demanding, we will consider the option of asking students to have a summer internship in our company”.

The best part?
“You are working on something that you are passionate about and you work whenever you feel like. Once I worked two days straight without sleeping, sometimes I prefer the couch over the office”.

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