Drink of the Week: Woo Woo

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Photo: Jez Timms

It might come as a surprise that despite its popularity, Woo woo was a completely new experience to me.

The drink came as a recommendation from a fellow writer, and it exceeded my expectations so much that I felt the need to compensate for lost time.

As a popular and exquisite drink, Woo Woo has an obscure origin. After rabbit holing for some time, the rumors said that it has its origins in a long-closed New York bar back in the 70´s.

The story goes that the bartender would shout “Woo Woo” every time the Mets scored, and then gave out shots made of mixing vodka, peach snaps, and cranberry juice.

Thus, a legend was born.

Ingredients (per glass):

  • 2cl Vodka
  • 2cl peach snaps
  • Cranberry juice
  • Lime wedges
  • Ice cubes
Mirza Andjelic


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