Drink of the week: Sparkle, sparkle sunshine

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Crisp and fruity with a hint of apples and tropical fruits

It is already March and the you can smell spring around the corner. But not really because it is still icy, and summer still feels out of reach. Just because it is not spring that does not mean that you should not pop the springiest drink there: Prosecco. If you are, just like this write, fed up with the cold, then the best way to rebel is through your drinking glass. So, bring out your tulip-shaped glasses and let the bubbles flow.

This review has been inspired partially by the unexpected arrival of my favorite Prosecco at Vinmonopolet. This marvel of Italian winemaking is a good example of how wine does not only is matched with food but also seasons. The first thing that you will encounter, once you open the bottle, is the fresh aroma with hint of apples, citrus and flowers. While the taste still takes in the apples taste, you will notice a hint of tropical fruit.

Mionetto Prosecco Biologico
Price: 139 NOK
Country: Italy
Alcohol: 11%

Mirza Andjelic


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