Drink of the Week: Saketini

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As summer is in full throttle and bringing with it the appetite of fresh, raw and low-fat delicacies.

Enhance your sushi experience with a fresh and delightful blend of gin and saki. In this case the saki takes the vermouth place as the mixing tonic. The herbal gin mixes well with the dryness of the saki and provides an refreshing side drink any raw dish; particularly sushi.

And if you are worried that you are ruining your authentic Japanese experience by blending saki with gin, then do not worry. It has been done before. Tempura, a staple of Japanese cuisine, is actually Portuguese.



  • Lemon Peel or green olives
  • Shot of Gin
  • 1/2 Shot of Dry Sake
Mirza Andjelic


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