Drink of the Week: Norwegian Gin

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Foto: Det Norske Brenneri / Trygve Inderlid

Harahorn is probably the best you have never heard about, maybe not even in its home country.

This winner of San Francisco World Spirits Competition is brewed with an intriguing mixture of herbs and berries native to Norwegian nature. Upon opening the bottle, one can immediately identify the distinct aroma of juniper berries. This rolls over to taste, but it is accompanied by a faint hint of rhubarb and bladder wrack.

Harahorn, made on traditional Norwegian hard liqour, features a vast selection of herbs, as its product description tells:

“Contains juniper berries from Røros, blueberries from Nordmarka, rhubarb and bladderwrack from Grimstad, angelica from Oppdal and wild marjoram from Sunndal.”

The bottle is beautifully designed and displays the mythical creature the drinks owes its name to, namely a hare with horns. A terrifying combination that never crossed my mind.

If you’re thinking of trying out Harahorn, I suggest you make yourself a traditional gin & tonic. Start by preparing your glass by filling it with ice cubes. Let it stand for a minute or two in order to let the glass cool down. Then spill out the melted water, before adding the gin and lastly the tonic. Garnish with a couple of blueberries and rosemary or blood orange.

Foto: Harahorn / Det Norske Brenneri


Price: 379,90 NOK

Country: Norway

Alcohol: 46%


Mirza Andjelic


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