Drink of the Week: Gin for the win

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This weeks drink is amongst the best cocktails ever.

The popular story tells that Gin & Tonic came about during the 18th century as british officers in India where looking for a way to cure the persistent problem of malaria. The soldiers’ medicine for this mosquito-borne tropical descease, quinine, which was in a very bitter tonic, was mixed with their ration of gin to make it easier to drink. A quintessential British way of treating yourself while sick.

Fast forwarding to our days, gin tonic is one of the more popular cocktails out there, and in my personal opionon one of the absolute best. Enjoy!

Choosing a good gin
Going for a decent gin is important in order to achieve the perfect GT. If you haven’t tried it before, get yourself a nice botanical gin at Vinmonopolet. My personal favorite is Bareksten, a highly acclaimed Norwegian-made gin. However, your classic Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray works as well.

The gin isn’t everything
Mixing your gin with a bad tonic water is a missed opportunity. Vinmonopolet and grocery stores like Meny offers quality tonics. Schweppes is totally fine, but a tonic from a brand like Fever-Tree truly ups the experience.

– Enough talking. Let’s make a perfect Gin Tonic!
3-4cl of Hendricks Gin
15cl Fever-tree Indian Tonic (found at Vinmonopolet)
Garnish with cucumber peel and a sparkle of pepper

Start by filling up your glass with ice cubes. Then add the gin, followed by the tonic. The glass should be almost full. Lastly you add the garnish. Gently stir it to mix the gin and the tonic.

Alternatively, change out the Hendricks gin with Bareksten and add a nice orange peel instead. A good rule of thumb is to garnish with a taste that is present in the gin itself. That way you avoid mixing tastes that doesn’t go well together. The smelling notes are often to be found on the bottle.

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