Drink of the Week: Chili Gin

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If you are a fan of them red hot chili peppers and gin, and always wondered whether mixing the two would be a good idea, then I have one advice to you: spice up your gin.

The capsaicin released from the chili gives the right kick and warmth- a true mood changer.

Start by cutting the Chili lengthwise and drop it in the glass, and slightly mash the chilly using a spatula, in order for it to release its flavors. Once enough failovers have been released, add a squeeze of lemon, followed by a pinch of salt, ice and your desired amount of gin. Alternatively, you could replace the lemon and the salt with a slice of cucumber and a few leaves of coriander. However, never forget the G&T.


  1. Shot of gin
  2. Tonic
  3. One chili
  4. Lemon (optional)
  5. Cucumber (optional)
  6. Salt (optional)
  7. Coriander (optional)


Mirza Andjelic


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