Louis Alain Grenez Elected New Head of Societies

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During a recent President’s meeting, Louis Alain Grenez was elected the new Head of Societies.

Photo: SBIO

Grenez is stepping in for Wilhelm Meyer, whom became the new President of SBIO following Emil Lundals resignation.

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The new Head of Societies is currently at the second year of his bachelor of Business Administration and will remain in the position until the end of December.

Grenez is no newcomer to SBIO, as he prior to this new position has been engaged in several different parts of the student union. Some of these positions has been President of the Bar Society and class student representative.

We asked Grenez some questions about his new position:

Is there anything you would like to say to the general audience of SBIO students that you will be working for? 

– If I had a message to address the SBIO student body it would be my expectations for the student union, my position and the management. I visualize SBIO as a united organization with a synergy linking the different units. I will work on this objective using the knowledge that I have gained throughout my experiences in SBIO, in academic associations, projects, Staff functions and societies. I would also like to challenge the societies’ board members to disagree and debate with me. It is, according to me, by discussing and communicating that we will be able to construct this synergy together.

What would you consider the biggest challenge for your future work in this position? 

– The main challenges will be to create a strong link and communication between the units and myself within one semester. Also, it will be to fulfil my objectives in a short period. But by creating this bond with the units, and most importantly the societies, I will be able to implement the current SBIO strategy that the management has tailored and achieve the goals I have set.

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