General Assembly approves proposed rise in student welfare contribution

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During the General Assembly of SBIO, attendees voted in favour of a motion rising the student welfare contribution from 200 NOK to 300 NOK.

Dionysios-Ioannis Anghelopoulos. Photo: Aleksander Storsveen / INSIDE

The increased fee was proposed by the board, represented at the GA by Dionysios-Ioannis Anghelopoulos.

– The student contribution has gone unadjusted for a significantly long period, the board reasoned. The new contribution is adjusted on the grounds of inflation as well as the increase in number of student activities and welfare offerings.

This means that you as a student of BI will pay 100 NOK more per semester than previously. However, the student welfare contribution, which in reality is your membership fee with SBIO, is voulantary and thus you could choose to have it reimbursed. Keep in mind though, that it is thanks to these 300 NOK that you as a BI-student get a offering of societies, academic associations, projects, events etc.


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