BREAKING: Wilhelm Fredrik Meyer elected new president of SBIO

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During a Presidents of Academic Associations meeting last night, Wilhelm Fredrik Meyer was elected as the new president of SBIO, taking over for now resigned Emil Lundal.

The new President of SBIO. Photo: Nicolai Giil / INSIDE

Meyer was presented as the nominee for the position by the SBIO board, lead by chair Julie Maarud:

– The board trusts that Wilhelm will utilise his Management experience to ensure a smooth transition process through the summer.

He will retain the position until the end of this year.

The newly elect has already held several positions within SBIO, most recently with  the Management and at Bar Society.

– I am honoured for the trust of being elected by the union, and I am looking forward to the work, Meyer says.

New to this case? Read our article on Lundal’s resignation here.

Subsequently, Meyers election does mean that there will be opening yet another position within the management, as he currently also hold the position as Head of Societies. The board has published this position on

Inside will be back with more information.

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