BBA board update : A new start for the BBA group

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On April 19th of 2018, the BBA general assembly was gathered. It is the time of the year. The time for former board members to say their farewells, and for the new board members to follow suit.

Photo : BBA board

The new members of the BBA board for fall 2018 and spring 2019 are as follows: 

President: Miruna Lozici

Financial Manager: Jessica Margareth Bjørnseth

Academic Coordinator: Mia Chin

Event Manager: Alba Tørjesen

Public Relations: Nicholas Sundet

Business Relations: Tine Marie Melgaard

Inside had a brief e-interview with Miruna Lozici, the new president of BBA, to ask some questions about her thoughts on the position, and BBA as a whole.  

What was your drive / motivation to stand up for the position as president? I presume that that same motivation allowed you to decide being class representative as well?

– I strongly believe that us, as international students, are more dependent on the activity of the academic board than any other programs at BI. The previous Board has contributed a lot with our integration process, and a high amount of the strong community that we formed in the class, is due to their social and academic activities that helped us bond with each-other. My motivation is to give back, to actively be able to contribute to make the time of the BBA students here at BI memorable.

How confident / comfortable do you feel about taking the responsibility of the position?  Are you prepared to face all the potential challenges?

– I was and am aware of the responsibility that follows with this position. By being an Ambassador for the BBA Board, I also had the opportunity to learn about the tasks and responsibilities of the President before applying for the position. I am highly confident that together with the other board members, as a team, we are ready to face any challenges that may occur.

What experiences from the first two semesters being class representative do you think will help you carry out the job as president?

– I am very grateful I have been given the opportunity to be a class representative. Besides really enjoying having this position, I have learned a lot from being a link between students and the Bachelor Administration/lecturers. Together with Nicholas (the other class representative), we faced and solved the challenges that occurred. I also maintained a great collaboration with Maria, the previous Academic Coordinator, and I believe this will help me assist Mia, our current Academic Coordinator with any challenges she may encounter.

How comfortable do you feel coordinating with the new board members?  Do you think you know them well enough that you think there will be no issue in coordination? Or do you suspect potential conflicts?  In what ways do you want to get to know them better?

– I know all of the other board members well enough to be able to say that I know we will make a great team. I do not suspect, but I do not exclude the possibility of potential conflicts happening. I am positive that if conflicts should occur, we will be able to solve them. I have previously worked towards achieving goals together with some of the board members (with Nicholas as class representatives, with Jessica in home examinations, with Alba and Tine as BBA Board Ambassadors). Even though I did not get the chance to previously work with Mia, from knowing her, I am sure that coordination will not be an issue. I am looking forward to getting to know better how the board members plan and work towards the same goal.

A short message / comment, for the current and new coming BBA students.

– For the current BBA students, I would first of all like to thank them for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to be the new President of the board. I promise I will not let you down! Being in the exam period, I would like to wish them also the best of luck.  For the new coming BBA students, the board is very excited to meet all of you in August!

Sean Cooper


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