Presidents of Academic Associations to elect new SBIO President

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Chairperson of the SBIO Board, Julie Maarud, speaking to the general assembly. Photo: Aleksander Storsveen / INSIDE

During yesterdays general assembly for SBIO, the representatives voted in favour for a motion to give the presidents of the academic associations the mandate to elect a new president for the student union at BI Norwegian Business School.

New to this case? Read our article on on Emil Lundal’s resignation here.

After a prolonged discussion on possible methods of action, the general assembly voted and decided that the new president of SBIO will be elected during an Association Presidents meeting. During this gathering, where all the leaders of the academic associations of SBIO will be present, the attendees with voting rights will elect one of the candidates as Emil Lundal’s replacement. The meeting will take place on the 8th of May.

Before the election described in the paragraph above, there will be a formal application process. The SBIO board, represented by Julie Maarud specified this in an e-mail Friday morning:

As enacted by yesterday’s General Assembly, the vacancy in the SBIO President’s position will be addressed by a formal application process, and a subsequent vote. This will be under the auspices of the Election Committee, which shall schedule and conduct interviews for all relevant candidates. The interviews will be held on Tuesday the 1st of May, Wednesday the 2nd of May, and Thursday the 3rd of May.

Change of statues
In order for the proposed methods of selecting av new president to work in a preffered way, a change of statues for the union had to be made.

Birefly explained, the change gave the general assembly the possibility to declare that the person now being elected as the new president of SBIO will retain his/hers position until 31.12.2018. If this change were not to be have made, the newly elect would only retain the position until a new general assembly were to be held.

Are you the next President of SBIO?
All students whom are member of the union are eligible to apply. Information about the position is available at The deadline for submitting an appliaction is already this weekend, at Sunday 29th of April before midnight.



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