BREAKING: Emil Lundal to resign as President of SBIO

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Emil Lundal. Foto: SBIO Media

In an e-mail sent out Monday evening, current President of SBIO Emil Lundal, announced his resignation to the members of the union.

– I have made this decision to focus on professional oppurtunities, personal responsibilities, and academic obligations, Lundal states in the letter.

To INSIDE he further elaborates that after several years in SBIO, he has now found out that he needs to prioritize differently. Thus, being President of SBIO was not fitting these new priorities.

He continues:

– I have full confidence in the current Management, as well as the members, and as such, I am certain that SBIO will continue to strive and prosper.

There was not specified who is planned to take over for the President stepping down.

Had 7 months left
A position within the SBIO Management usually lasts from 1st of January to 31st of Desember. Lundal, whom where elected druing the GA last semester, was thus only nearly half way through is period as President. In an email to INSIDE, Lundal says:

– We are soon having our General Assembly, and I want to finish that before I resign in order to solve this in the best possible way for all parties.

The resigntation will be valid as of 29th of April and more information will likely be released during the upcoming SBIO General Assembly this Thursday. However, an election of a new President will not take place at that time.

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