FYI: Two things BI gives you for free

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As a student it is likely that your disposable income is more limited than of peers that are working full time. In many circumstances waving your student card may reap you a discount on clothes, food and entertainment. A small compensation for our lightweight wallets.

“There is no such thing a free lunch” seems to be a mantra that my lecturers like repeating. Knowing that we sacrifice a huge opportunity loss at the moment (particularly us BI students who have to pay tuition) whatever we can get at a discount or for free as students is not really free.

Quite a few people are unaware of some of the resources available to them as BI students, so here is a few things you can get for “free”

Financial Times subscription

BI has group subscription to Financial Times. Sign up with your student email (firstname.surname @ and you will be able to read Financial Times for free.

Office 365

The whole office package is available for free as a BI student. Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook are almost crucial when studying business of any kind. A quick link and guide how to utilize this offer is linked below.



Microsoft has similar agreements with quite a few schools, universities and colleges. Your IT department probably knows if you have it and how your institution hands out licenses.

If you for some reason is not a big fan of Microsoft Office, or you are done as a student and your licence has expired, and need a similar service but are not willing to cash out, I recommend Open Office. It is free and quite similar to Office 365.

There are also several other software licenses available for free, they should be in the sidebar of the links above.

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