Drink of the week: Hot Buttered Rum

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The game changer.

Every once in a while one would read a book or watch a movie that just might change your life. Hot buttered rum would be the drink equivlent. This buttery drink will warm you
immediately from head to toes and inspire admiration by your guests at one of those winter soirees.

Firstly, start by adding the butter in a bowel and whisking it with the groubd
cinnamon, brown sugar and the nutmeg. Once whisked thoroughly, take a scoop with a tablespoon and put it to a cup, before adding the rum and hot water while stiring until the butter has melted. For extreme flavor you can add a spoon of vanila ice cream to the mix and freezing it, before mxing it with rum and hot water.

Portion size, for two people:
1. Half of a small stick of unsalted oom temperature butter
2. ½ table spoon of ground cinnamon
3. ¼ table spoon of ground nutmeg (muskatnøtt)
4. 1 Table spoon of brown sugar
5. You preferred amount of Rum
6. Hot water
7. Cinnamon stick
8. Vanilia icecream (thawed)

Mirza Andjelic


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