Julian Assange: a man on the verge of Freedom

­His application was turned down by the British courts, to which Julian’s lawyers responded by making another application on the basis of public interest grounds. The judge is expected to rule on the application today.

Julian Assange can be seen as a man devoted to his work, with a fiery passion to liberate the truth that’s been hidden by super-powers from their subjects around the world. What drives this person to risk his life and freedom for this cause?

Inside the mind of Julian Assange
During his childhood, Julian moved between numbers of cities with his mother, Christine and step-father, Brett Assange, before finally settling for a while in Melbourne, where he was exposed to the anarchist atmosphere among the youth during the time. But it is difficult to tell which helped cultivate Julian’s rebellious spirit more, the exposure to the anarchist society or his very genes, inherited from a mother who left home at the age of 17 to participate in the ‘Counter-Culture Movement’ and the absentee-father that was a committed protestor of the ‘Vietnam War Protest 1970’ in Australia.

Even during his adolescence he was an active insurgent. At the age of 16, Julian got his first computer as a gift from his mother, Christine Assange. He adapted to the technology promptly and soon developed a knack for hacking systems. Soon after, under the code-name ‘Mendax’, Julian cracked into a number of very secure systems, including the Pentagon. By the age of 20 (1991), the Australian authorities charged him with 31 counts of cyber-crime, which he pleaded guilty to. But Julian’s punishment came in the form of just a small fine, as the Judge recognized his actions was the result of youthful curiosity.

After that gentle reality check, Julian used the next decade to travel, study at the University of Melbourne (which he dropped out of before finishing) and work as a computer security consultant.

The inception of Wikileaks
It was not until 2006, that finally Julian Assange founded the revolutionary company ‘WikiLeaks’ with a few of his colleagues. WikiLeaks’s main agenda and goal is to acquire and publish withheld secretive information. WikiLeaks maintains a strong confidential relationship between themselves and their sources, which has led them down the path of countless successful publications.

Throughout the years since its establishment, WikiLeaks brought upon revelations, ranging from revealing of scientific scandals to horrifying misconduct of militaries. United States being the largest economy in the world, controlling the most powerful military force and one of the largest intelligence agencies in existent, has been a major target of WikiLeaks. Due WikiLeaks’s disclosure of countless damaging documents against the United States, the country has been quite hostile to the entity and even more so to the individual that represents it, Julian Assange.

This brings us to the current situation of Julian. He has now been holed up in Ecuadorian Embassy in London for nearly 6 years. How did this happen?

In August 2010, during Julian’s visit to Sweden he was incriminated with sexual assault allegations, where he was let go after questioning and the case was closed. But later the same year, the case was reopened, Julian was arrested by the British police and let go under bail of £240000. However in the May of 2012, the UK’s Supreme Court ruled Julian to be extradited to Sweden, but Julian fearing that by being extradited to Sweden, he will end up being extradited to the US via political manipulations, breaks the bail conditions and seeks sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Julian was given asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK on August of 2012 and Ecuadorian citizenship on December of 2017. Sexual Assault case against Julian was closed once and for all on May of 2017. But to date he fears stepping outside of the embassy due to the threat of getting arrested by the British police under the charge of breaching bail conditions. United States’ persistence to get their hands on this man hasn’t wavered, on April of 2017, US Attorney General refers to Julian’s arrest as ‘a priority’

However, Julian finally saw a small glimmer of hope after many years, when little over a week ago Julian’s lawyers made an application for the warrant for his arrest to be dropped on the basis, that Swedish Sexual Assault suits against him has been dropped and therefor so should the British warrant for breach of bail conditions. But this application was turned down by the British courts, to which Julian’s lawyers responded by making another application on the basis of public interest grounds. The judge is expected to rule on the application today.

Here are the conditions of the public interest defense concerning breach of bail condition according to the Crown Prosecution Service:  https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal-guidance/bail

So, should this man walk free or should he be extradited to the United States to answer to for the damage that he has done?

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