12 Awesome Podcasts You Don’t Want To Miss Out On This Summer

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Summer is finally here! It’s the season that’s usually associated with relaxation and sunbathing, travels and adventures, or working and saving money.

Regardless of how much (or little) money you’re making and what your plans are for the summer, there’s one thing you definitely should get and implement to your summer holiday or even daily life!

You see, there are these wonderful things called “podcasts” that are available for free online and will keep your hefty cravings for solid entertainment covered.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of podcasts: a podcast is like a recorded radio broadcast that you can listen to whenever you want. You can probably find podcasts that cover every imaginable topic- there is everything from news and talk-shows, to storytelling and educational resources available out there!

So, whether you’re eager to learn a new skill during the summer, catch up on the news and what’s been going on around in the world lately, or listen to an entertaining story while doing the dishes, you will find a podcast that fits you just right!

What’s so great about podcasts is that all you need is a device that is connected to the internet, to be able to listen to a podcast episode! They’re always available, even on the go! You can listen to an episode on your phone while you’re commuting to school or work, doing your laundry, or pumping some iron at the gym.

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I challenge you to, instead of listening to the top 20 summer hits you recently added to your playlist on Spotify, that you know you will be listening to on repeat and hate by the end of the summer, try being more productive and check out a podcast episode!

There’s so much new stuff you can learn and explore in the world, and podcasts are definitely a great place for exploring hidden gems in life!

There are many good podcasts out there, you just need to find the right ones for the things you are interested in. Luckily, I saved you some time and have carefully hand-selected an exciting and spicy blend of 12 awesome podcasts to get you started:

You can also find all of these podcasts on either iTunes, Sticher or your podcast client on your personal device. 

There’s so much new stuff you can learn and explore in the world, and podcasts are definitely a great place for exploring hidden gems in life!

1. TED Talks Daily
-Knowledge isn’t always free, although TED Talks Daily definitely is! If you enjoy watching TED Talk videos, you will surely like the portable on-the-go audio versions of the talks. Just like the regular TED-talk videos, these episodes are usually not longer than 15 minutes, and the great range of different speakers keep you checking back for more interesting and thought-provoking talks on various topics.

2. Global News Podcast – BBC
-Brought to you by the BBC, the Global News Podcast publishes (sometimes even multiple episodes) daily news updates of the latest of the latest around the world. If you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date with the global headlines, the Global News Podcast is worth checking out.

3. Inside Europe – Deutsche Welle
-The Inside Europe-podcast is probably one of (if not) the best sources of the biggest news that affect the European Union and the European continent. The way they report on and explain situations from multiple angles is probably why I have grown so fond of this news-podcast. In addition, their trustworthiness and excellent journalism perhaps serves as a landmark on how journalism ought to be. They usually publish an episode about once a week, and the episodes are all 55 minutes long.

4. The World This Week – BBC 
-A sister-podcast of the Global News Podcast- the clue is in the name! The World This Week is a great weekly podcast that compresses and summarises the major headlines of the week into one (ca) 23-minute-long podcast episode. Perfect if you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the daily episodes of the Global News Podcasts!

5. Listen Money Matters
-Probably one of the most entertaining and comprehensive podcasts about various topics around money, ever! If you’re looking to learn about what you can do to increase your income or what you should do with money you already have saved up or how to create a weekly/monthly budget like a pro, this is the right podcast for you! With more than 440 episodes on different money subjects, you’re destined to learn something new that can help you financially. Their episodes are usually between 45-70 minutes long.

6. Chat with Traders 
-Learning from other people with experience is one of the best ways to improve one’s own skills. On Chat With Traders, host Aaron Fifield interviews some of the best and more successful traders and investors in the world (when it comes to stocks, funds, bonds and more), to learn about their mindset and how they got so good at the game of making money work for them. Here are two of my favorite episodes with trader Dan Shapiro and futures and options trader John Carter.

7. The Tim Ferriss Show
-Often regarded as the no. 1 business podcast on iTunes, host Tim Ferriss asks some of the greatest and most interesting minds and entrepreneurs in the world questions about why and how they do what they do. Each episode is often loaded with a rollercoaster of emotions, as the interviewees share their stories and struggles they have had to overcome to get to the point where they are in life now.

8. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders – Stanford University
-The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders-podcast is sort of like TED-talks for entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for motivation or new things to learn with regards to your entrepreneurial spirit, this podcast got you covered.

9. 99% Invisible
-99% Invisible is hands down one of the best story-telling podcasts I have ever encountered. The podcast focuses on providing an intriguing voice to things and thoughts that we rarely think about. They use awesome storytelling elements, such as verbal and auditory cues that really sucks you right into the story they’re telling! If you’re looking for entertaining yet informative facts about things you’d probably never otherwise think about, 99% Invisible is worth checking out.

10. The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe
-A podcast hosted by Clinical Neurologist and assistant professor at Yale University, Steven Novella, where a group of skeptics gathers together to, usually, discuss superstition, the paranormal, and other mythical matters, all from a scientific skeptic point of view. If you’re curious to know more about scientific explanations for things many people deem superstitious, in an entertaining way, then this podcast will likely keep you coming back for more! The episodes are a bit long, usually ranging from 90 minutes to 100 minutes per episode.

11. Good Job Brain
-The Good Job Brain-podcast is sadly no long releasing new episodes since around May 2017, but their almost 200 episodes are still available online. If you’re interested in learning cool and random facts about different things or simply would like to refurbish your Trivial Pursuit-game, this podcast is definitely perfect for you! Humorous and educative episodes!

12. The Joe Rogan Experience 
-Probably one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The Joe Rogan Experience is a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan, where he interviews various celebrities and influentials, and discusses interesting and relevant topics. Joe’s extraordinarily charismatic and enthusiastic personality makes the interviews engrossing!


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