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Why can’t the American society change its heritage in favour of a safer environment?


05.10.2017 kl: 16:32

After the Las Vegas shooting one peculiar Twit caught the attention of many Twitter users. The Twit stated “These [referring to popular Kinder chocolate eggs] are banned in America because they are a ‘health hazard’. Semi-automatic rifles are legal. #Vegas”.

The discussion on guns possession in the States is still going on, apparently with no developments ahead. The United States of America seems to be determined in not revising their laws on gun property even after the deadliest shooting in the modern USA history: 59 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. Indeed, the second amendment of The Bill of Rights clearly states, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms [,] shall not be infringed.”
However, it is peculiar how guns control must not be touched while apparently safe objects are banned because considered health hazards for the American citizens. Among the others, there is the most famous chocolate egg in the world, the Kinder egg. The reason? People might end up suffocating themselves with the surprize found inside. Funny.

Let’s have a look at the past, how did other countries react to big deadly shooting?
UK banned the possession of guns after the shooting held in Dunblane, where 16 children along with their teacher were killed in 1996. A similar case regards Australia, which restricted guns control after 35 people lost their lives in a mass shooting in Tasmania.
These numbers are just small potatoes in comparison with the mass shootings held in the USA. Congratulation, with a death rate of 3.34 out of 1000 people, you are the first country in the World for deaths by guns.

By definition, the Bill of Rights should never be touched at all. Nevertheless, it can’t be said that the American society existing in 1791 (date of its ratification) was the same of today. Yes, guns property was one of the fundamental rights that the Constitution had to protect always. However, does it mean American citizens should still consider this as an inviolable value? Can’t the American society change its heritage in favour of a safer environment?
Let’s only hope the time when American people stop playing cowboys will come soon.

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