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Pull a Pig

Among a group of friends, the winner is the one who has sex with the ugliest or fattest girl around.


29.10.2017 kl: 21:56

Everyone remembers the “Neknominate” challenge on the social networks a few years ago: shot a beer and challenge other friends nominating them on Facebook. Although this game might be considered neither dangerous nor safe, for sure players never looked at it as an unfair one. Unfair would be punching in the face a total stranger on the street, also a popular, stupid, game nowadays. Sadly, unfair is the right word for the new attraction around: Pull a Pig (girl).

Here is the story. A British girl, Sophie, met a Dutch boy in Barcelona during the holidays. Everything was going on as a second-class romantic movie: they fell in love in less than the time needed to even get to know each other (who wouldn’t dream about it?). When summer was over, they both went back home with a bunch of memories that no one wishes to forget.
Most of these summer stories would be finished at that point, but not this one. She got the balls to take a flight and make him a surprize in Amsterdam. Once at the airport, Sophie texted him for a catch up but the answer was not the expected one: “you have been pigged”. Everything was a joke, nothing ever happened, he explained.
Apparently, she was the perfect passive player for the new game around: among a group of friends, the winner is the one who has sex with the ugliest or fattest girl around. Here it is: she had been pulled because actually considered as a pig.

This article was not meant to judge any specific person, since indeed the guy – whose name won’t be mentioned here – claimed through his lawyer that the girl made up the entire story; however, he doesn’t remember what he exactly told or texted her (wouldn’t you remember something like that?).

Whoever is on the right side, these kinds of challenges definitely overtake the acceptable line without anyone saying a single word. As a matter of fact, no one would play these games if friends around did not support them. The fault is not only the main player’s; rather it must be put on the shoulders of all those people supporting, promoting, watching and laughing at these jokes.
In the popular list of the ten commandments everyone should respect, you might find interesting
the one stating “don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you”, or something like that. Here it is really not important whether you are a believer or not, rather it counts how big an asshole you are.

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